Welcome to the world of Oleev , where going beyond the ordinary is the constant endeavor. Oleev introduces a range of Mediterranean Olive Oils that stand apart for their exquisite taste and vibrant health. An experience that you will cherish for its purity , flavor and limitless possibilities.

The magic of Mediterranean from the rich and fertile land of Andalucia in Spain ; range includes Oleev Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Oleev Extra Light Olive Oil , Oleev Pomace Oil and Oleev Active , which are specially customized for Indian taste and nutrition needs . Drizzle it over salads and pastas , use it in marinades and sauces , make a tasty dip , deep fry potatoes for exotic aloo tikkis or roast tandoori chicken with it . Cook with Oleev and savour the goodness of health.

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Oleev Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oleev Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the natural juice of the olive fruit, extracted by physical means. It is the most exclusive virgin olive oil, a light and delicate addition to many brilliant dishes. One of the most health-promising oils, it is considered a blessing full of health and taste.

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Oleev Extra Light Olive Oil

Oleev Extra Light Olive Oil is made with select olives and processed in a scientifically-advanced environment. It is a healthy alternative to other regular edible oils

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Oleev Pomace Oil

Processed with an extremely high quality refining technique, Oleev Pomace Oil has a neutral flavour and is the perfect choice for all types of cooking.

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Oleev Active

Oleev Active is a unique blend of Oleev Olive Oil and Rice Bran Oil, specially created to fulfill the demands of modern lifestyle. It has an EnergoculesTM formula that will ensure you stay active and energized throughout the day and celebrate every moment of your life with nutrition that is real.

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